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The Complete History of Garden Gnomes & Why They are Wonderful

The Complete History of Garden Gnomes & Why They are Wonderful

Garden Gnomes are one of the most common garden decorations in western countries. They can be found scattered through many beautiful gardens from North America to Europe. Gnomes are cute, and many adore them. They are believed to be lucky charms. The small gnome statues are pretty popular, as they make the gardens look classy.

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Gnomes are a small, humanoid race of mythical beings. Garden Gnomes are all male and they mostly wear vibrantly coloured clothes, boots and an excessively long conical hat. They live underground. They are very hard workers; most of them are gardeners, farmers, fishermen, carpenters and even hunters. One can find gnome figurines carrying watering pots, fishing rods and shotguns. Gnomes appear in many of the folklore and myths of the western world. They also appear in ancient Roman mythology. And so, they are not just small decorative statues but rather objects of significance.

 The Meaning of Gnome

The word 'gnome' has an unclear meaning. The Swiss physician, Paracelsus had named the elemental earth beings 'gnomi' or 'pigmaei', possibly derived from the Greek word 'gnomos' referring to the 'earth dwellers'. It is guessed that the word 'gnome' is connected to these. The gnomes reside under the ground and they live a down to earth life. They cultivate and take care of crops and buried treasures.

History of The Garden Gnomes 

Garden Gnomes were first invented in Germany in the 19th century by Philip Griebel. Mr. Griebel who was a sculpture named them Gartenzwerge or the garden dwarfs. Initially the Garden Gnomes were made out of terra cotta but later in 1970s-80s raisins and plastic started to be used for their creation.

Garden Gnomes Found in Ancient Rome

The gnome statues were in ancient Rome as well. These were the statues of the Roman god Priapus, the god of animal and vegetation fertility. The statue of Priapus and other gnome-like statues were used in the gardens to ensure a good quality of harvest and the well-being of the animals. It was also believed that the statues were used to keep evil spirits away.

Garden Gnomes in the Renaissance Era

In the Renaissance period, Garden Gnomes became very popular. Their folk stories spread among the masses due to the high spirits of the era. It started to be believed that the Garden Gnomes possessed magical powers. They come out of their shelter at night and help the garden plants grow and thrive. The Garden Gnomes started getting called 'grotesques' playfully.

Garden Gnomes And Their Popularity in The 18th Century

In the 18th Century, Garden Gnomes evolved into a classy status symbol for wealthy families. Through folklore, myths, and fairy tales, gnomes became well known to the world and so their use also increased. As these stories expressed the Garden Gnomes as cute, little magical beings who use their powers to help humans in farming, people started to get fond of these statues.

Modern Era And Garden Gnomes

Traditional Garden Gnomes enjoyed their glorious days until the World Wars. At the time of the world wars, the production of gnomes remarkably fell. And for the next few decades people showed very little interest in these wonderful garden ornaments. But the modern era gnomes appear in brighter attire and have a happier face. In the 1970s, the gnomes started to be produced with plastics and resins along with terra cotta. These modified versions of gnomes are lighter and their longevity has pretty much increased.

Gnomes And Their Involvement in Movies And Dramas

In the present day, gnomes are being presented in various movies, animated series and commercials. The 2000s were the time when gnomes played multiple major roles in motion pictures. Two of them are 'Amelie' in 2001 and Gnomeo and Juliet, Which was released in 2011. In 2004, Travelocity, an online travel agency featured a garden gnome in their commercial who left his garden to find adventure in life. A Clint Eastwood Drama named 'Gran Torino' introduced "Gus The Original Garden Gnome" in 2008. Gnomes were featured in popular movies like "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Lord of The Rings" etc. A gnome also appeared in a Harry Potter movie.

Garden Gnomes are one of the most beloved garden statues. There are a wide variety of Garden Gnomes available on the market. You can find a statue of a gnome with a book, a gnome with a lantern, a gnome with a flower etc. if you search online. They can be used as decorations or to cover a bare space in your garden. Garden gnomes are always ready to protect and flourish your lawns and gardens.

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