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Make A Cute Halloween Gnome Card - Decognomes

Make A Cute Halloween Gnome Card - Decognomes

Halloween is near and we are all pretty excited about it. Halloween plays a vital part in your yearly celebration schedule as it comes with multiple spooky activities. We are already planning some awesome Halloween things to do. Preparing Halloween cards for friends and family is one of them. It should be nice to try some new ideas while making those. Let's create some cute Halloween gnome cards this year. Halloween Gnomes are pretty much in style this year. And they will look absolutely adorable on the cards.

So, We are Going to Learn How to Make Various Types of Halloween Gnome Cards Here. Let's Start with the List:

  • Colourful Cloud Themed Gnome Cards

These cloud themed gnome cards display a lot of colours. They are cute in appearance and you can add so many things to them. First select some unified colours. Try to choose some spooky colours to add to the Halloween look. You can choose between purple-green, purple-black, pink-black, black-grey, red-black etc. colour combinations as the theme colours. Now, to create the clouds you can use some cloud stencils and colour fuse inks to create the cloudy background. Now add some darker colours to the edges of the clouds to get the proper shading. That will also create differences between the layers of colours.

Now you have to die cut some elements according to your preference. You can die cut some ferns, pumpkins, ivy, grass, bats, the moon, or anything related to Halloween. Colour them with some vibrant colours. Stamp the Halloween Gnomes with copic safe inks and colour them with copic markers. You can use some glittery colours and sparkle pens to highlight as well. Now, place those coloured die cut parts and stick them on the cards as you wish with the help of some glue. In this case, Use some flat and dimensional adhesive to create the illusion of depth. Now write the greeting in a suitable position on your card. You can also use a versa mark stamp to make it more attractive.

  • Pumpkin Themed Halloween Gnome Cards

Spooky pumpkins are one of the most significant parts of Halloween. You can prepare some pumpkin themed Halloween gnome cards for your loved ones. These cards are very easy to create and they require just a few materials. You need to use some thick, orange coloured, double sided papers as the base of the cards. The weight of these papers should be around 100-100 lb per card. It is important to support all the decorations on the cards. The theme colour of the cards should be orange like the spooky pumpkins.

You can make the beard, moustache and hair of the Halloween Gnomes gray or white. Use some patterned or colourful papers to prepare the hats and shoes of the gnomes. Use some cricut sticker papers to add some decoration to the card. You can write some messages with a black ink pen as well. A spooky font must be appropriate for that. Now, assemble the short parts of the Halloween Gnomes together. Now start with the beard and complete it by sticking the shoes to the card with some adhesive. You can also add silver or golden coloured fangs to the gnomes.

  • Rustic Halloween Gnome Card

Do you want to add some positive vibes to your Halloween gnome card? Then try this! Rustic Halloween Gnome cards are one of the most wonderful Halloween card ideas. These cards are filled with vibrant colours and just take a moment to bring a smile to people's faces. Choose a heavy card base for the preparation. Black will be the ideal colour for the Halloween theme. So, get a twofold, black card base.

You can add some cutouts of flowers, fruits, butterflies, leaves, twigs etc. Stick them on the card base with some glue. Now, to prepare the Halloween Gnomes use some gnome dies. Die cut a gnome hat from black card stock. Again die cut a gnome beard from gray or white card stock. Get yellow or pink cardstock to die cut the nose. Die cut shoes from the black one. Now, at the bottom left portion of the card, assemble the parts of the gnome and stick them with glue. Here you will write the greetings.

  • Zombie Gnome Halloween Card

Zombie gnome Halloween cards are the best idea for children. It adds a super spooky look to the Halloween cards. These cards are unique and a creative option. Halloween Gnomes are pretty much everywhere on Halloween but a zombie gnome is something new. To create a zombie gnome Halloween card, you need to get card stocks in three different shades of green. Green is going to be the colour of the zombie gnome. Use the lighter shade of green as the colour of the beard. You can use gray for that as well.

Now, die and cut off the parts of the zombie. Get some black and orange or red card stocks. Die cut pieces for a haunted house from those. Die cut some bats from the black card stock. Use a yellow coloured two fold card base. Assemble the parts and stick them on the card base to prepare the whole card. Write greetings inside the card with black ink.

Halloween Gnomes are cute and loved by all. The above mentioned Halloween gnome card ideas are amazing and these cards are very easy to make. You just need to buy some cardstock, dies, glue and some other stuff. I hope you have liked our ideas. Thank you!

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